Pigeon Pair Fridges

A Pigeon Pair fridge is a single unit refrigerators and freezers that are standalone units, brought together or separate and have the same styling. They are convenient if you do not have the room to keep both fridge and freezer in the kitchen or if you access the fridge or freezer more than the other. Pigeon pair and upright fridges are perfect for those budding cooks out there who love to buy and use fresh ingredients. The larger fridge section means you will have plenty of room for fridge ingredients right there in your kitchen.

Generally, a pigeon pair can have a fridge capacity of around 250 litres to 790 litres. The freezers are smaller in size and have a capacity of 175 litres. Such a storage space is usually enough for food. If you find the space to be an issue, you can simply store your fridge and freezer separately.

Just because they are a stand alone fridge does not mean they do not come with all the advanced features popular on other fridges such as temperature controls, door alarms and ECO/holiday modes for power efficiency.

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