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Integrated fridges can transform the way you think about storage and the dynamics of your kitchen or other shared space. Bing Lee is home to Miele integrated fridges that can breathe new life into your area without taking up valuable real estate, turning an appliance that in past years could be an eyesore into a valuable design piece.

What is an integrated fridge?

Whereas other fridges stand alone, integrated fridges are designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your space. Generally built into a wall and featuring a door that matches the space immediately surrounding the appliance, the best integrated fridges can be hard to detect by visitors.

What are the benefits of an integrated fridge?

In addition to quality, spacious fridge and freezer space, integrated fridges and freezers come with a few other great benefits. One is that they save room. By having them installed in your wall, you can open up your design and be have more flexibility with other elements. Another great aspect is they look great, pairing with the other cabinets and storage spaces of your space.

A name you can trust

Bing Lee is a family-owned Australian business that has been helping Australians find the appliances they need for decades. With a range of delivery services, including next-day delivery on eligible purchases, as well as flexible payment options such as AfterPay and Zip, you can suit your shopping to your schedule and lifestyle without sacrificing quality.

Check out our huge range of fridges, freezers and fridge accessories today to find a suitable unit for your home, office or elsewhere.

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