French Door Fridges


Fridges are amongst the most essential household appliances which is why they should always be working to their full potential. If you feel that your fridge isn’t keeping your food as fresh as it used to, it may be time to consider an upgrade. A french door fridge is the perfect option for anyone with a medium to large size kitchen and here at Bing Lee we have a wide selection to choose from in our extensive range of fridges.

French Door Fridges make the best of both worlds integrating a side by side fridge and a bottom mount fridge in one. The fresh food section is located on top and the freezer section down below. All fresh food sections in french door fridges are accessed by dual side by side doors which allow a wide area for accessing your produce. The freezer section however has two alternatives; either a freezer drawer or dual side by side doors like the fridge component above.

Whether you choose the drawer or the dual door option is a matter of preference. The full-width and open layout of the doors does gives easy access to the contents of your freezer with plenty of shelving, which is great for households who use freezers often. Freezer drawers on the other hand do not have a shelving system acting as most drawer storage space does, which might be better suited to households who don’t use their freezer as often.

French door fridges have some of the most modern designs for refrigerators on the market, which will elevate any kitchen. Choose from shiny stainless steel, sleek black or bright white. Our selection also includes a number of sizes, ranging from capacities of 600L to 900L, meaning there is a french door fridge to suit all households and kitchen needs.

With top brands on offer such as LG french door fridges and Fisher and Paykel french door fridges you can guarantee advanced refrigeration technology. In selected fridges you’ll find water and ice dispensers, linear cooling to keep all food fresher for longer, smart and flexible  shelving storage, ultrachill and much more.

If you want to know more about our french door fridges, then contact one of our experts online or in store today! We will help you find the right fridge for you and your household! Shop our full collection of fridges & freezers for more options including integrated fridges, bar fridges or a top mount fridge. And don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with one of our several interest free payment options.


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