Bar Fridges


Bar fridges are small refrigerators that can be kept in smaller places outside of the kitchen to keep a few drinks or goods cold. They are perfect for small rooms where you may be entertaining or for those smaller apartments where you do not have the same amount of space in the kitchen or don’t need a freezer. They can be both inbuilt and stand alone to suit whatever entertaining space you have.

You may also have to consider the material for the door or whole fridge. Most bar fridges come with an average height of about 800mm making them easy to fit under the counter in a truck or anywhere where there is a need for more space. In selecting the kind of doors, you may opt for split doors or a single one. Glass doors while a bit fragile offer a great view and add to the impression of space. On the other hand, stainless steel doors are durable, sleek and can withstand rough movement.

When selecting amongst bar fridges, you will need to consider their shelves which could be limited on the kind of items they hold. Usually, the type you pick has to be determined by your use. Keep in mind that most bar fridges have limited temperature ranges. If you are not going to need the freezer, you can opt for one with larger shelves increasing capacity to hold drinks. You can have a bar fridge unit as your primary refrigeration solution, or you can have it a complimentary one to the main refrigerator unit.

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