Chest Freezers


When shopping for a freezer you'll want to consider a few things. How much food and ice are you going to be freezing on a regular basis? Even couples often prefer to freeze large quantities of bulk foods these days so they can buy in bulk to cut food costs. You'll want to get into a proper chest freezer if you have more freezing needs than your refrigerator can handle. These designs have features like deep freeze and can be a very energy efficient overall. If you are also purchasing a fridge you can also opt to get a refrigerator with no freezer compartment and get a chest freezer to compliment it. This will allow the most efficient use of space and overall value.


If you are single or a couple with some basic freezing needs the upright freezers with less cubic feet are great choices. Both styles are energy efficient but some models will have much more features than others and you'll want to look at the specs online to see what's important to you. They have stack-able freezer baskets and sometimes will have an extra wire basket as an added organisational feature. The wider style freezers are typically setup for slightly larger items when you need it. Some of these models have Active Guard Seal featuring an antibacterial door seal that prevents bacteria from forming and entering the fridge.

Some of the models have feature more versatility for cleaning and storing lots of small stacks of smaller items and less large bulk items although the baskets can be removed to do this if needed. These are typically the taller models. What also stuck out to me is the defrost drain system which is available on some of the newer models which is a great feature to have when cleaning the freezer.

Some of the models offered are very compact. These units are taller and less wide and work great if you're only going to be freezing occasionally and you don't have a huge family. Many of the higher end units will have spring loaded lids which are a really nice extra. The larger the cubic feet typically, the higher the price overall regardless of features.

Some of the larger style very wide deep freeze units will have 2 wire baskets to keep your items more organised. Of course you can remove these baskets anytime for large items or bulk ice storage. Make sure to get a model that has casters if you need to move your freezer around a bit and will be using it on a hard surface type floor. There is a deep freeze mode on some of the freezers and some offer more advanced climate range.

For large families that doing a lot of freezing and maybe need a large space for bulk ice nothing beats the features of the large chest freezers. Keep in mind the size of these units are quite large measuring upwards of 1120mm x 662mm Deep. These are best suited for garage or basement use but can be installed anywhere there is an electrical outlet.


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