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Everyone needs a vacuum cleaner to keep their place clean and tidy. From a bachelor pad, to a one bedroom apartment, to a large family home filled with little mess makers - everyone has to clean at some point. Here at Bing Lee we have a number of options available to suit the floorcare needs of any household no matter how big or small.

Choose from a variety of vacuum types each designed to make removing dust and dirt easy! Discover state of the art cleaning technology and unbelievable floor cleaning solutions. With the best vacuum cleaner brands on offer, including Miele, Electrolux and of course Dyson vacuum cleaners, you’ll have no trouble finding a vacuum cleaner that does the job better than you’ve ever seen before.


Barrel Vacuums

Barrel vacuums are perfect for anyone with larger homes and big families. They use a central rotating chamber to deposit the dust and debris from around the house. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, suction power and designs to meet your household needs. Due to the compact design and easy maneuvering of barrel vacuums, they are perfect for doing big cleans where you’ll be doing a lot of moving around. With their powerful suction, they can get dirt and debris out of thick carpet and upholstery, and we even have some purposefully designed to get rid of pet hair.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are upstanding vacuum cleaners that usually have powerful motors and numerous attachments making them versatile for any household. As upright vacuum cleaners do have a sleeker design, this makes them perfect for apartments or homes with smaller spaces. Easily clean from one room to the next, without having to maneuver a bulky appliance. They can be used on carpet and hard floors and due to their powerful motors can even get stuck in dirt and grime out of carpets. Some upright vacuum cleaners also have sweeping brushes that make them perfect for cleaning hard floors like timber or tiles.

If you’re looking to upgrade your vacuum cleaner and change the way you clean your home, then look no further than Bing Lee! Browse our full floorcare range including further options such as robot vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners. If you still need a hand finding the right cleaning solution for your home, then speak to one of our experts online or in store today.

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