Robot Vacuum Cleaners - Let Them Clean For You!

Need to clean but don’t have the time? How about having something do the vacuuming for you while you are at work? Robot vacuums are the latest in floorcare technology. They can be set to run programs independently and can clean under and around furniture in your house with no input from you whatsoever!

Keep your home looking sparkly clean all day, everyday. With a robot vacuum no bit of dust, dirt or pet hair is left to build up - it will be out of sight and out of mind within moments from hitting the ground. Choose from our wide range of robot vacuums each designed to conveniently and effectively clean your space.

Here at Bing Lee, you will find industry leading brands such as Miele and Electrolux. Discover the famous iRobot Roomba for unbelievable floor cleaning technology such as anti collision and dust detecting sensors. You can even control your robot vacuum with the iRobot home app. Schedule cleans and monitor progress with the touch of a button no matter where you are!

Expecting guests but have no time to vacuum? Schedule a clean! Want to come home from work to a clean house? Schedule a clean! Accidental spillage when there’s cooking to do? Schedule a clean! The possibilities are endless when you have a robot vacuum to clean up for you. Our range of robot vacuums also have various cleaning modes meaning they are great for all flooring types. Effectively clean carpeted floors, tiles and floorboards without even lifting a finger. You’ll never want to use a regular vacuum cleaner again!

There are a number of options when looking to purchase a robot vacuum including the size of the battery, the level of suction power and if it includes a sweeping function. HEPA filters are an important thing to look for in robotic vacuums as they will be able to remove finer particles from the air, perfect for getting you through allergy season. 

For more floor cleaning solutions, browse our entire vacuum range including handheld vacuum cleaners, barrel vacuums, carpet cleaners and more as well as all the important vacuum accessories to make cleaning fast and convenient. Talk to us online or in store for a hand in picking the best robot vacuum cleaner for you!

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