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A portable handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for small spaces and quick cleaning up. At Bing Lee we have handheld and stick vacuum cleaners from industry leading brands, including the famous Dyson handheld vacuums! Perfect for quickly cleaning around the house before guests arrive or even for cleaning your car, handheld vacuums make cleaning easier and more convenient than ever.

As most models are cordless, they are super portable as well. Some can even be wall mounted with their charging unit for easy storage. There are a range of heads and accessories that can be used for cleaning carpet, hard floors and hard to reach nooks and crannies. You can even choose cordless vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pet hair - perfect for families with a beloved cat of dog.

Dyson makes a number of great handheld and cordless stick vacuums in their V6 and V8 range. The technology used in an Electrolux stick vacuum or Bosch cordless vacuum will also blow you away. These cordless handheld vacuums have next-level suction power that could let you get your clean up done in under 30 minutes!

Keep in mind that being cordless, stick vacuum cleaners do have a limited run time and may not be powerful enough for heavy duty cleaning or bigger homes. Browse our range of full size vacuum cleaners for even more powerful cleaning technology. Alternatively we also have a selection of robot vacuum cleaners which are perfect for picking up pet hair and dirt for you all throughout the day, leaving you with more time to focus on more important things.

Talk to one of our team members online or in store for help picking the right stick or handheld vacuum cleaner for you! Browse our full floorcare range for more floor cleaning solutions, and don’t forget you can buy and pay later with our various interest-free payment options.

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