Dishdrawers - A Compact Dish Washing Solution

Are you looking for more flexibility in the kitchen? Well a dishdrawer dishwasher gives you just that. Drawer dishwashers are compact models that are built into drawers made by Fisher & Paykel. They are smaller in size and capacity and usually take up as much room as the microwave cavity. However unlike conventional dishwashers, dishdrawers let you get versatile with your kitchen chores.

If you choose one of our double dishdrawers, you have the option to run more than one load at a time. Want to separate your glassware from your pots and pans? Does one load need a rinse and the other a heavy duty wash? Maybe you simply have a small load and only need to use one drawer. The beauty of a drawer is the flexibility you get to wash in a way that works best for you.

Alternatively, we also have a selection of single Fisher and Paykel dishdrawers, which are perfect for small kitchens. Single drawers are compact in size, but still get the job done. If you live alone or have a small family where not many dishes are used then a single dishdrawer is perfect for your household.

Whether you choose a single or double dishdrawer, you can rest assured that loading and unloading is made much easier. Look after your back with less need for bending over and pull clean dishes out as if they were stored away in the cupboard. Our convenient dishdrawers get even more convenient with the delay start function. Set your dishwasher to start washing at a time that works best for you. The stainless steel designs will also keep your kitchen looking sleek and clean.

Another handy and compact option for smaller kitchens are benchtop dishwashers which sit on your counter. These dishwashers are also portable which means you have the option to move them around as your kitchen evolves.

If you do require a dishwasher with the capacity to handle larger families, then browse our full range for more options such as freestanding dishwashers and built under dishwashers. We also have a wide selection of semi and fully integrated dishwashers so you can almost completely disguise your dish washing machine in your kitchen decor.

For help deciding what dishwasher is best for you, talk to one of our experts online or in store at Bing Lee today!


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