Aarke Carbonator 3 Sparkling Water Maker - White

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  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 2

Carbonator 3

The Carbonator is the first appliance of its kind with a seamless, minimalist stainless-steel enclosure in a striking White finish. Forget the dull, plastic soda machines of the past: This sparkling water maker is made from premium materials with top of the line safety valves and is designed to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come.The third iteration of the Carbonator features an overhauled internal safety valve system, a new stainless steel precision nozzle, and the complete elimination of single-use plastics from both product and packaging.

How to use: Fill your bottle up to the fill line (with fresh, clean water only) and attach to the machine. The lever is where the magic starts and ends, both carbonating your water and releasing pressure from the bottle. Push and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the machine. Enjoy your endless supply of sparkling beverages!

*Note: Gas cylinder not included

Quality-Centric Design

Quality-Centric Design

Forget the plastic soda makers of the past – when it comes down to performance, environmental impact, and standing the test of time, it’s no contest. The Carbonator 3 is designed with a seamless stainless steel enclosure achieves both form and function as the machine’s backbone.

Perfect bubbles in 10 seconds or less

Perfect bubbles in 10 seconds or less

Making sparkling water at home has never been this elegant. The Aarke Carbonator 3 is designed from the inside out to be the slimmest, most compact sparkling water maker.

Every Part with a Purpose

Every Part with a Purpose

The Carbonator 3 embodies the Aarke mission from form, to function, down to the smallest detail. Even the branded name plate has its own role, securing the tubes that allow for excess water to travel safely through the inner chamber down to the drip tray.

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Additional Information

SKU 248465
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

Compact Minimalism
Quality-Centric Design
New Stainless Steel Precision Nozzle
Updated Damper-Controlled Lever
End Cap in Stainless Steel
New Bottle Design
PET bottle packaging
No Outlet Necessary
Mess Free
Hidden Replacement Gasket
Low Maintenance
Adaptable Cylinder Design
Polished stainless steel: Yes
BPA-free PET water: Yes
Bottle included: Yes
Origins: Designed & Engineered in Sweden, built in China.
Compatibility: Compatible with CO2 cylinders from Sodastream, AGA, Linde and many other standard gas cylinders approved for use with sparkling water makers
CO2 Gas Cylinder: 60 L, 60 mm, 425 g
Carbonator 3: Yes
BPA-free PET-bottle: Yes
Drip tray: Yes
Cleaning cloth: Yes
Extra gasket: Yes

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