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Best Advice for your Washing Machine Needs

Bing Lee offers a wide array of washing machine products that best fits the needs of your home. Before buying the appliance, it is best to check the features and functions of each of the products to get the value for the price. The type of washing machine that fits your home would largely depend on your usage.

Vented or Tumble Dryer

Miele Condenser Dryer

There are basically two types of tumble dryers which you can choose from: vented tumble dryers and condensed tumble dryers. One of the brands who have this product is Miele, who has an assortment of products.

Vented tumble dryers remove the vapor created in the drying process and this passes through the drum, and is vented out through a connecting hose. You will need to create a vent in the outside wall or hang the hose through a window when the dryer is in use. This is of course ideal for a house where there is a provision for an outside wall.

Condensed tumble dryers divert the water from the drying process into a catch basin or a reservoir, which you need to empty out once it is full. This does not require a hose or a vent. The catch basin should be on the floor level. However, it might be difficult to carry once it is full so regular emptying is recommended.

LG Front Loader Washer

Front Load Washers

The difference between the two is how the clothes are placed inside. A front loader can increase the capacity of clothes being washed, gentler on clothes, removes more water on the final spin and it is quieter to operate. Another is that water and detergent usage is decreased in quantity.

Samsung Top Loader Washer

Top Load Washers

Top load washing machines are less expensive and more reliable because they have been time tested. They don’t require a special detergent, so you have more budget options as there are more models in the market and lastly, it is easier to have them repaired. Some of the brands available are Samsung, LG, Simpson, and Fisher’s Paykel.


Beko Washer Dryer Combo

Washer Dryer Combo

Washer-dryers have a lot of advantages because of its cost efficiency as you can do two jobs in one washing machine. It also saves space and leaves more room for other appliances. You can enjoy the advantage of having a tumble dryer, as well as brands that have larger capacities to save up for time. All washer-dryers have their own condensers, so there is no need to think about ventilation. It is also energy efficient and you will pay less for electricity, as well as the fact that it is easier to use one. Some of the brands we carry are Electrolux, Samsung, LG, Miele and Beko. These are ideal for smaller homes as it saves a lot of space.