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Asus tablets make popular gifts for virtually anybody from your children to your mother. They’re even a great reward for you at the end of a hectic week.

Why? Because Asus found the middle ground between affordability and quality. Then, the international brand proceeded to create its range of tablets. Fully customizable, Asus tablets let you download millions of apps from Android’s Google Play, ensuring there be plenty of content for all interest groups.

Your tablet will be a faithful friend, from when the integrated alarm clock goes off in the morning to the moment you fall asleep listening to its music library, filled with your favourite tunes.

In between, your tablet will give you weather and stock market updates, entertain you on your commute into work with the latest games and even keep the kids busy after school, as Google Play includes many options for children. Depending on the tablet, you’ll have access to either wifi hotspots or the 3G network, so you’ll always be connected.